Going Through The Emotions

I just came back from a business trip to Destin, Fla. It was beautiful, but bittersweet. It was the last place that Vernon and I shared a trip together a year ago. Last time, it was in February though. VJ couldn’t believe work would send me away during Valentine’s Day. So, he had to come with me….only solution. We had a good time, as we always did.
This time, walking on the beach without him was so hard. It brought back so many memories of fun things we shared there. I would take every opportunity to go out and walk along the shoreline, getting sand in between my toes and thinking happy thoughts. Sometimes I would sit for a while, cry, talk to him and wonder at God’s immense creation and knowing that VJ was with Him.
God also graced me with a beautiful sunrise the morning I took some of Vernon’s ashes out to scatter with successive waves; letting them take parts of him out every time they retreated. I prayed for God’s healing peace, as only He can give, to help me get through this. I miss you so much Vernon.



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