Lampwork & Me

Hi, I’m Cheryl.  Lampworking  (melting glass with a torch to make beads, pendants, etc.) is my favorite relaxation and creative vent.  There’s nothing like burning things up to get rid of a little stress.  Actually, just being able to create anything makes me feel good….like the jewelry I get to make with the beads I create.  Check out my website:

That's me at the torch, shaping a glass bead.

That’s me at the torch, shaping a glass bead.

10-23-08 Lampwork

1-1-2010 New Year’s Eve

3-11-2010 Glass in the Spring


3 responses to “Lampwork & Me

  1. An author cannot copyright a technique, but can copyright the instructions of the how-to technique, i.e. you cannot make a copy (mechanical or otherwise), word for word of the instructions and use it for personal gain without permission from the author. You can use the technique in the beading book to create other designs or pieces without legal ramifications.

  2. What if I have a problem with a piece of jewelry I purchased from Midnight Beading? All of our products go through a strict quality control process, but if you have a problem with a piece you have purchased from us, please contact Customer Support. We stand behind all of our products, and if there is a defect in materials or craftsmanship, we will fix it. Items that have been found to have a flaw in materials and workmanship within 60 days of purchase will be fixed free of charge. After 60 days a service charge may apply. Items that are damaged because of abuse, improper usage or treatment, and items that are lost or stolen are not eligible for free repair.

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